First Round of Speakers for WOMEX 19 Conference Sessions Confirmed

Airileke Ingram by Carlo One Rebel Creative

We're happy to share the first list of Conference Sessions and Speakers are confirmed for WOMEX 19:

Alona Dmukhovska, co-founder of independent initiative Music Export Ukraine will bring an international panel for Music During the Revolutions and Social Instability to discuss how music overcomes economic and political collapses, religious prejudices and makes its own way. Master percussionist, activist, producer & artistic director Airileke Ingram (Papua New Guinea/Australia) will chair a panel on The Music of Indigenous Sovereignty the role of music in self-determination movements and the challenge of climate change in the Oceania region (Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia).

Taking you far-east to give you a closer look into the Chinese music market will be a panel Introduction to Chinese Streaming and Social Media chaired by Shanghai-based Alessandro Pavanello who is currently working for China's top indie music company Kanjian Music (看见音乐) along with Han Zhang (Finland), business development manager at Music.Info Finland Oy. From New Zealand, the director of Matariki Cultural Foundation and Taamaki records and one of the seven WOMEX 19 jury members, Hinurewa te Hau, will chair a session on International Year of Indigenous Languages to talk about how music can raise awareness regarding the urgent need to preserve Indigenous people's culture and languages.

Some of the other confirmed speakers are:
• Eluned Hâf (UK), head of Wales Arts International
• Sandra Márjá West (Norway) festival director, Riddu Riđđu festival
• Paulina Ahokas (Finland), CEO/managing director, Tampere Hall
• Bastien Bacha (France), artistic director, Bagnols Reggae festival
• Nick Hobbs (UK/Turkey), owner, Charmworks Artist Agency
• Mandy Aubry (UK/the Netherlands), director, global business development & client relations, Songtrust

To see the full list of conference and network meetings confirmed, please click below.

Leadership Think Tank, Global Latinos and Other Network Meetings Confirmed

As a core part of the WOMEX Conference Programme, Network Meetings encourage and offer opportunities for new and pre-existing worldwide networks of music professionals to come together, connect, discuss, share, network and work together.

Taking place this year are: Leadership Think Tank coordinated by Aengus Finnan (USA), executive director, Folk Alliance International that will aim to build relationships among executive directors as peers, identify key challenges, and share leadership tips. WOMEX Education Network Meeting, a meeting place for all WOMEX delegates with interest in music education, coordinated by Kristiina Ilmonen (Finland), professor, Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department and Dan Somogyi (UK), director, SoundStorm Music Education Agency and Wave Arts Education Agency.

The 2nd edition of Independent Labels Network Meeting coordinated by Felipe Alvarez (Colombia), CEO/producer Polen Records, will create an exchange platform for labels to collaborate and discuss the present and future challenges of the independent recording industry.

article posted by:Francisco Gonçalves Silva, Piranha Arts