First Set of WOMEX 21 Showcase Artists

2021 Showcase Artists 1st Set

Today we reveal the much-awaited first set of Jury-selected Showcase artists that will be performing this October at #WOMEX21 in Porto, Portugal. The 26 artists announced today already represent 31 different countries, confirming an extensive range of musical styles unparalleled in any other showcase event around the World.

WOMEX is committed to providing visibility to the Jury-selected artists and conference speakers, including those who may be unable to attend in person this year. WOMEX teams are working hard coordinating with 100s of speakers, artists and their management to bring a diverse and balanced programme together in Porto. Due to ever-changing circumstances, travel restrictions and an unpredictable future, the final line-up may vary from the full Jury selection; however, the programme will be balanced with world-class artists and speakers from regions with unrestricted travel.

Register now and be part of the most international music meeting in the world and the biggest conference of the global music scene.

See You in Porto!

article posted by:Gideon Elfgen, Piranha Arts