Presenting C3-IC Festival and Network

We are very excited to bring you something new as part of the Piranha Arts family. Our 'C3-IC' project, the latest version of the C3 festival, scheduled for 2017 and beyond, was selected for the EU's Creative Europe programme! So why 'C3-IC'?

C3 stands for ClubContemporaryCLASSICAL, one of the premier events for the Indie Classical scene. A festival we, Piranha Arts, founded in Berlin in 2009, C3 looks specifically at the meeting points between contemporary classical and electronic styles. After three wonderful editions in 2009, 2011 and 2013, the fourth edition, 2017’s C3-IC, will not only be a festival but also act as a first (but not the only) focal point for the Indie Classical Network, which was recently founded at Classical:NEXT 2016.

So whereas Classical:NEXT deals with all sectors of the classical music scene, Indie Classical (IC) is a special group and mindset (we will tell you more about it soon!). Indie Classical brings together the worlds of western classical music and those of pop, rock, global music traditions, electronica and more. Under the Indie Classical banner, all of these musics are mixed and merged, drawing in a wider audience and reflecting modern European life. The Indie Classical Network encompasses more than collaborations with electronic music, so C3 is but one of its projects.

More on the C3-IC project, starting 2017:
C3-IC will be comprised of four parts. The C3 Roadshow will hold concerts across Europe and will feature performances and all-new collaborations musicians from Germany, Estonia, Sweden and the Netherlands. In a format pioneered by Groupmuse, Living Room Concerts will be held in each host city, allowing each city’s public to experience teaser events in unusual and intimate settings. Training and education in the sphere of Indie Classical will be brought to each host city in a series of workshops, which will be offered to music professionals and students. The structure of C3-IC is completed by the launch of the European Indie Classical Network, which will be accompanied by network meetings in each host city; in every case, they will be the first Indie Classical meetings to take place in each location.

article posted by:Jim Hickson, Piranha Arts