Starting Today Watch All Films Online Until 25 October 2020

We are kicking off the WOMEX 20 Digital Edition with a curated selection of 21 music-based documentaries. With your WOMEX Registration, you can stream all the films online starting - 15 October until 25 October 2020.

The Film Programme celebrates progressive & innovative storytelling - pushing forward stories from diverse perspectives that challenge the status quo. The films allow the WOMEX delegate to work professionally with each film and consider them as alternative means to curate for your programmes, discover new music, artists, cross-cultural collaborations and musical histories.

For many of us, the collective experience of watching films is cathartic. We hope that we can offer you some semblance of a movie-going experience within your personal screens.

Tip: Schedule a “watch party” and “live” chat with filmmakers using your virtualWOMEX profile.

article posted by:Aliena Haig, Piranha Arts