WOMEX 16 AWARDS - Hip Hop Activist Henry Arteaga Receives WOMEX Award

Henry Arteaga, WOMEX Professional Excellence Award winner 2016

Henry Arteaga, MC and band leader of the Colombian "Crew Peligrosos" will receive the WOMEX 16 Professional Excellence Award. Arteaga founded - and manages until today - the hip hop school 4Elementos Skuela, making good use of his reputation amongst local kids in what used to be one of the most violent neighbourhoods in Medellin, Colombia. The Award honours this remarkable example of the power and the independent force of music on society. The school was founded more than 15 years ago and is entertained without any public or institutional funding. Today it gives free access to over 400 regular attendees every week and thousands have passed through its ranks.

Arteaga sees his work less as a project and more as part of a process: It is due to influences and initiatives like his one, that the city of Medellín, once known as the most dangerous in the world, has transformed into a culturally dynamic and flourishing city.

Henry Arteaga will receive the WOMEX 16 Professional Excellence Award on behalf of the 4Elementos Skuela and everyone involved with the school.

article posted by:Paul Bräuer, Piranha Arts