WOMEX 18 Film Programme Announced

MUSICA PELOS POROS Photo by Fernando Fonini

Escape on a journey through unchartered territories and vivid landscapes of new ideas as we present three immersive days of film programme in an intimate space where the music and film community will have the chance to reflect, connect and engage with each other. 16 films in total, featuring 1 tribute screening and 15 new releases, subdivided into Market & Public Screenings. We are also bringing back the Film Library this year - offering an extended selection of films available on demand.

Once again directors, producers and musicians from around the globe will be joining us to present their films and strengthen the conversations between the global music and film scene.

As part of our public screenings WOMEX film will present the Spanish premier of Gurrumul to honor the life of enigmatic indigenous artist Dr. Geoffrey Gurrumul. We continue to discover lives of maverick musicians that push the status quo both in life and their art in Namrud and The Invisible Hands.
The journey also dives into ancient myths and complex vocal sounds inspired by traditions that revolve around the same sea in Iran and Bahrain, bringing you Archipelago and Nocturne for Pit Orchestra. Hibridos, The Spirits of Brazil, is a continuation of this cinematic experience into spiritual and sacred culture. While Ťažká duša rounds up the journey bringing it to closer shores, giving us a poetic glimpse into Roma music.

Roaming around the Film Library, you will discover films focusing on musical projects and collaborations such as Ahi Na’Ma, and Musica Pelos Poros and the unreleased We Intend to Cause Havoc. One can step into the realm of experimental and contemporary music with In Situ and wander in Detroit with Jazz aka DJ Holiday, a forgotten soul whose story deserves to be brought to life, followed by insightful and reflective research-based films: Burkinabè Rising, Cantadoras and Dance Me This.

The film programme opens with The Cambodian Space Project: Not Easy Rock’n’Roll, a tribute screening to the mesmerizing Kak Channthy, whose remarkable journey was cut short in a road accident in March 2018. There is also a fundraiser to support her son Makara, you can find more information about the Channthy Kak Memorial Fund here.

We hope you will join us on this cinematic journey at WOMEX 18.

Text by Sana Rizvi

article posted by:Carly Graham, Piranha Arts