WOMEX 19 Opening Celebrates New Finnish Folk Music

Vildá by Joanna Suomalainen and Jimmy Traskelin

To commemorate the Opening of the notable 25th-anniversary edition of WOMEX in Tampere, Finland; Piranha Arts, the parent company of WOMEX, today confirmed this year's four top-notch Finnish acts who will be performing at the 'Arctic Fire - Pohjoiset tulet' opening concert.

This year's Opening artists are: Pauanne, a power trio described as folk fiction, who incorporate archive recordings from the last 100 years into their new folk-grit sound; Pekko Käppi, a Finnish folk music composer, singer and jouhikko (ancient Finnish bowed lyre) player who has revolutionised the standards of playing this iconic instrument; Suistamon Sähkö, a folktronica act with a pinch of folk poetry, rap and manic dance moves; and Vildá, a duo that is a blend of indigenous Sámi yoik, detailed rhythms and improvisation, inspired by present-day pop and the Sámi people's close connection to nature.

The originality and innovation of the new Finnish folk music will be richly showcased at the WOMEX 19 Opening evening's musical journey, summoning up the soundscapes from East Karelia to West-Coast fisher villages, from the urban seaside of Helsinki to way up North beyond the Arctic Circle.
The concert is staged and directed by internationally-noted choreographer and dancer Kaari Martin, together with composer, musician, producer Roni Martin, renowned for their ensemble Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin.

Acknowledging their role as the curator for the WOMEX 19 Opening: Arctic Fire – Pohjoiset tulet, Kaari Martin and Roni Martin shared:

"It is a pleasure to work with the selected Finnish artists for the WOMEX 19 Opening - Arctic Fire – Pohjoiset tulet. It represents some of the finest artists we have in the Finnish folk scene. You might think that Finland is on the edge of the world, and to be honest, it is, but for centuries it has also been a melting pot for different cultures from east and west. And, we are happy that there is also dance involved because dance is an organic part of folk music".

Export Manager Henna Salo from Music Finland, producer and strategic partner of WOMEX 19 Opening: Arctic Fire – Pohjoiset tulet said:

”Welcoming this unique gathering here in Tampere is a dream come true. We are proud to give back something just as unique. On behalf of everyone working hard to produce the 'Arctic Fire – Pohjoiset tulet' Opening, I can say I am certain that you will enjoy these four brilliant acts, showcasing the multifaceted, wild and virtuoso soundscape of Finland today. Tervetuloa! – that’s ’welcome’ in Finnish”

The confirmed Opening programme artists for 'Arctic Fire – Pohjoiset tulet' are:

• Pauanne (Finland)
• Pekko Käppi (Finland)
• Suistamon Sähkö (Finland)
• Vildá (Finland)

Read more about the opening artists by clicking on the links below.

article posted by:Francisco Gonçalves Silva, Piranha Arts