Preiser Records GmbH

PREISER RECORDS - Classical Label & Distribution worldwide. The PREISER catalogue contains productions of singers and musicians of the past 100 years.

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Classical – Cabaret – Wienerlied

Preiser Records GmbH is a Viennese company that combines the labels PREISER RECORDS, PREISER Classics and Lebendige Vergangenheit/Legendary Voices, PREISER Jazz and EXTRAPLATTE. Together with its own distribution arm, PREISER is one of the leading independent record companies in Austria.

“Musical diversity over the decades"

PREISER RECORDS can look back over a long history steeped in tradition. Founded by Otto G. Preiser in 1952, the label, then as now, supports and promotes high-quality recordings in the areas of classical music, cabaret and Wienerlied (Viennese song). To date, recordings by Georg Kreisler, Helmut Qualtinger Robert Holl, Elisabeth Kulmann or Angelika Kirchschlager, to name just a few, have formed the centrepiece of PREISER productions and are the cornerstones of the chosen genres.

With its several hundred productions, the PREISER catalogue is one of the most prestigious and authoritative sources of documentation on the leading singers and musicians of the past 100 years. Classical music and classics from this extensive repertoire will in future be offered under a fitting platform - the PREISER Classics label.

Distribution of

Close collaboration with the trade has always been a priority for PREISER. The importation of records from foreign labels has been an aspiration since the company was founded. The takeover of exclusive distribution of the RCA and Westminster labels saw records from these famous international brands become available in Austria for the first time. A home for music-lovers was also created with the firm's in-house music business, the "Hi-Fi-Schallplattenzentrum" ("Hi-Fi Record Centre"), on Vienna's Kärntnerstrasse.

Physical distribution channels established at the time were expanded at the turn of the century with digital sales. Because of its many years of collaboration with REBEAT Digital, PREISER has also acquired up-to-date knowledge and expertise in the area of international digital distribution.

The strong physical and digital distribution network of PREISER RECORDS is now used, among others, by artists such as Georg Breinschmid, Timna Brauer, Bartolomey Bittmann.



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