Line up

  • Carl-Ludwich Hübsch (tuba, voice)
  • Eric Sleichim (tubax, voice)
  • Gregoire Tirtiaux (baritone saxophone, voice)
  • Jan Pillaert (tuba, voice)
  • Kristof Roseeuw (double bass, voice)
  • Lode Leire (double bass, voice,)
  • Mathieu Lilin (baritone saxophone, voice)
  • Matthias Muche (trombone, voice)
  • Peter Jacquemyn (double bass, voice and concept)
  • Peter Verdonck (bass saxophone, voice)
  • Pieter Lenaerts (double bass, voice)
  • Yannick Peeters (double bass, voice)
  • country:
  • label:
    el NEGOCITO Records
  • type:
    Large Ensemble
  • artist submitted by:

FUNDAMENT describe themselves as a “small army of bass instruments” and their roll call bears this out: five double-bass players, seven low brass including a tubax (a tuba-saxophone hybrid), and low-register voices for good measure. In contrast to low-end legends like Sunn O))) and Boris, however, FUNDAMENT are all acoustic, shaking and rattling and growling without amplification.

FUNDAMENT were founded by Peter Jacquemyn, a double-bass player, draftsman and sculptor. Jacquemyn wanted FUNDAMENT shows to be living, breathing entities. To that end, the group’s musicians aren’t static; they march forward, back and across like pieces on a chessboard, menacing the audience with blasts of sound like a dive-bar punk show. The music constantly changes: improvisation is the beating heart of every FUNDAMENT performance. It is visual spectacle fused with otherworldly music, what Jacquemyn characterises as an “exploration and celebration of the underflow.”



by Cees van de Ven

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