• country:USA
  • region:Barcelona
  • style(s):World, Electro
  • label:Feppra
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:electronic, percussion
  • artist posted by:Rhone-Alpes Music

Line up

  • Eva Elisabeth Vanquaillie  ((cello) )
  • Filastine  ((main producer, percussion, visuals) )
  • Nova ((vocals, percussion) )


Live on Saturday the 26th /// 23:00-23:45 /// Wales Millennium Centre
Donald Gordon Theatre - Bute Place Cardiff

Grey Filastine is an LA-born audio-visual artist based in Barcelona with nomadic tendencies. He composes a dense transnational bass music colliding the low frequency pressure of dubstep with high-level beat science, acoustic strings and voices, using percussion to fire off sounds and synchronized video from a heap of electronics wired to an amplified shopping cart, borrowing from hip hop, moombathon, dubstep and cumbia while pulling in sounds from India, North Africa, Indonesia and other stops on his journeys to create complex, shifting canvases for Indonesian vocalist Nova to place her silken singing. In 2012 they released their third album, pound00T, alongside a series of potent videos of street protests and environmental destruction, and set off on a world tour taking their radical message to China, Japan, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt and across Europe to the USA.