Pic by Małgorzata Kaznowska (facebook.com/em.kaznowska)
Pic by Stefan Skellen
Pic by Małgorzata Kaznowska (facebook.com/em.kaznowska)
Pic by Małgorzata Kaznowska (facebook.com/em.kaznowska)
Pic by Małgorzata Kaznowska (facebook.com/em.kaznowska)
Pic by Małgorzata Kaznowska (facebook.com/em.kaznowska)
  • country:Poland
  • region:Warsaw
  • style(s):Alternative, Contemporary
  • label:Kaiser Söze Foundation
  • type:Duo
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, electronic
  • artist submitted by:Śniedź

Line up

  • Aleksandra Klimczak (voice, electronics)
  • Baskak (Antoni Beksiak) (voice, electronics)


Ironic operatic diva and extended vocal techniques gymnast drown together in improv glitchtronica.
Śniedź ('patina, tarnish') is voices+electronics improvising duo from Warsaw, Poland.

Aleksandra Klimczak
[non]operatic opera singer. Performer, sound-artist. Aleksandra has taken her goal in breaking boundaries in art genres by cooperating with young artists from different fields of arts. For her projects she has been awarded with scholarships from The Ministry of Culture (#Witkacy622, 2016) and the Capital City of Warsaw (sonorurbis.pl, 2017)

Baskak (Antoni Beksiak)
Music curator (Turning Sounds, Mouth-o-Fonic), initiator, critic and creator. Deals with contemporary crossover, ethnic, classical, jazz, and pop music. Performs using extended vocal techniques including with Constantin Popp as baskak+popp, Gęba (Karkowski’s Encumbrance) and Warsaw Improvisers' Orchestra. At Niewte he's responsible for digitizing mazurka rhythms.