Arte "Les Salons de Musique : an innovative tv show of classical music.

Arte Les Salons de Musique

Since January 2012, ARTE France-ARTE LIVE WEB and SOMBRERO AND CO, have been co-producing a monthly, innovative broadcast of classical music, with a view to creating something different and original.

The idea is to break the mould of how serious music is presented on television, to reinvigorate the genre and attract new audiences.

‘Les Salons de Musique’ is a series of private musical encounters targeted at a young, contemporary and open-minded public, not only classical music lovers.

The concept behind these sixty-minute performances is to create an intimate, alternative and unusual setting, where one can share in exclusive encounters between leading musicians. These are not recitals or concerts in the traditional sense, but rather relaxed gatherings.

The standard of performance remains just as high, with a choice of repertoire that’s both beautiful and accessible.
All participating musicians are young (under 40) and internationally renowned.

‘Les Salons de Musique’ is gradually constructing a collection of broadcasts with this crème de la crème of the classical world.

Producer and concepts: Jean-Philippe Perrot.

Production company : Sombrero and co (Paris)

article submitted by:Jean-Philippe Perrot, Sombrero and Co