Claudia Meyer

Claudia Meyer


Trained in classical guitar at the Marseille Conservatory, Claudia first appeared solo in cabaret and developed a passion for ethnic instruments. She became a multi-instrumentalist also playing pan flute, the charango and the cuatro.

She started her career as lead singer in the South American group Ayawaska followed, several years later, by the group Marco Polo with the support of Gibson guitars.

Backing singer for Veronique Sanson, Alain Chamfort, Lenny Kravitz, Michel Sardou and Andrea Boccelli, Claudia has also appeared on shows such as Taratata and opened for Elie Kakou.

Jean-Felix Lalanne, impressed by her talent, invited her on the album "Brasiliana" and for a number of shows at festivals including "Autour de la Guitare". Noticed by the producers of Walt Disney, Claudia lent her voice to the song "Bossu de Notre-Dame/The Hunchbak of Notre-Dame" playing Esmeralda.

This eclectic path was bound to generate interest in the artistic world. Claudia is regularly called on by the best known performers, visiting Maurane for a duo, accompanying Francis Lalanne at the Cabaret Sauvage and supporting Maurane, Lara Fabian and others.