Manuel Hermia

Manuel Hermia
Manu hermia photo de Pascal Ducourant


Improvisor, composer and explorator of the musics from the world, Manu developped personnal projects in different directios at the same time : in jazz with the Manuel Hermia Quartet ( L’esprit du Val, Igloo 1999 and Rajazz, Igloo 2006 ), with the band Slang ( Los Locos, Save the Chilis, It’s on the way ) and also on bansuri ( north indian flute ) with « Le Murmure de l’Orient » which means " The Whisper from the East "( Igloo 2005, et Cristal/Harmonia Mundi 2005 ). He works also in the contemporary company Feria Musica since 9 years.

He played with numerous artists from many cultures : Dhruba Ghosh ( Inde ), Regis Gizavo ( Madagascar ), Ben Ngabo ( Rwanda ) , Nono Garcia ( Espagne ), Joao Braga ( Brésil ), Dobet Gnahoré ( Côte d’Ivoire ), Purbayan Satterjee ( Inde ), Madjid Khaladj ( Iran ), Karim Baggili …

We heard him also with Fred Wesley, Pierre Van Dormael, Didier Laloy, or in popular french music with Adamo, Sttellla, William Sheller, Khadja Nin, Victor Laszlo,Lara Fabian, Jean-Louis Deaulnes, Clarika…