"Le murmure de l'Orient" - Manuel Hermia

Manuel Hermia
Le murmure de L'orient

Saxophonist of jazz at first and explorer of mixed musics (Slang, Feria Musica) Manuel Hermia left in India repeatedly and fell in love over thereā€¦.of a flute: the bansuri.

Presented as a double CD accompanied with a book, The Whisper of the Orient immerse us into an inner, deep and quiet universe. A purely meditative music, presenting compos and improvisations solo, and different forms of duets: with Barbara Wiernik (vocals), Dhruba Gosh (sarangi), Fabrice Colet (tablas) or Michel Seba (udu).

Based on Indian ragas, compositions take nevertheless an original direction, that of a personal glance on the Indian music. The flute finds its freedom in little, in the return in the main thing, in the inspiration. Music resumes its time.

The Whisper of the Orient is a music creation, but of photos and texts also. So the notebook accompanies here music literally. Photos reveal sights of deep and spiritual India, texts give a philosophic support to the meditative character of the music. After all, the bansuri resounds in us and The Whisper of the Orient returns us to this peace which one forgets sometimes to look there where it is: in itself.