"LESPWA" - Tamara Suffren

Tamara Suffren


Invited by Pierre Vaiana, the young Haitian singer Tamara Suffren is releasing her first album on the IglooMondo label. An encounter between jazz and traditional music that explores all the charms of Creole as a language and a rhythm.

Pierre Vaiana, known for his numerous projects that bring together different styles, has now turned his musical attention to the Caribbean. Together with the fabulous singer Tamara Suffren - who crystallises the shared language of this music that is so clearly related - he explores the missing link between Haitian rhythms and jazz.

Along with sidemen Salvatore Bonafede on piano, Nic Thys on double bass and Michel Seba on percussions, Pierre Vaïana and Tamara Suffren undertook a genuine exchange. The hybrid influences speak as much about jazz as the local rhythms, calypso (the Caribbean’s carnival music) and bossa nova.

Tamara Suffren has been singing since the age of five, and has never stopped perfecting her singing and trying new styles. “Singing is part of my life. I grew up singing and listening to music of every genre, from jazz to traditional France chanson and above all gospel. Singing is my passion, my hobby – my daily ritual.”