credits to GregorHohenberg
© Gregor Hohenberg
  • country:Germany
  • label:Berlin Classics / Edel
  • type:Band, Small Ensemble, Quintet
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Spark - The Classical Band

Line up

  • Andrea Ritter (recorder)
  • Christian Fritz (piano)
  • Daniel Koschitzki (recorder, melodica)
  • Stefan Balazsovics (violin, viola)
  • Victor Plumettaz (violoncello)


Spark re-thinks the classics. The quintet places Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and their peers in a fresh new context, forging links with the sounds and lifestyle of the present day. Classical at heart, outwardly wilful, inquisitive and nonconformist, the five musicians pitch their tent on the open ground between classical works, minimal music, electro and avant-garde. With enthusiasm and abandon, styles are mixed and a galaxy of sonic options is explored – given that their well-stocked arsenal of instruments offers over 40 different recorders, violin, viola, violoncello, melodica and piano. The group is cherished by its fans above all for its thrilling, highly energetic live performances, which see the five talented musicians getting physical on stage with ebullient vitality and the pulsating power of a rock band. Together they present music that ignites passion. Together they spark.