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Stone Jazz

205 Wonhyo Bd, Wanggok dong 599
437-737 Uiwang Si
South Korea

Korean born musicians' group of 6 members composed of the jazz piano trio uniquely combined with 3 korean traditional instrumentalists,

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  • phone: +82 7042452474
  • fax: +82 314551697
  • eMail: email to Stone Jazz public contact

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  • Classical:NEXT 2016
  • Classical:NEXT 2015

company description

Stone Jazz

- is a korean born professional musician group of 6 members composed of basic jazz trio (piano,contra bass and drums) combined with traditional korean instruments - Gayagm (korean lap harp), Haegm (korean ulhoo), and Piri (korean whistle).

- embodies unique acoustic sound with pure combination of oriental and western acoustic instruments.

- deals with tunes from all different musical genres using fundamentally creative arrangement,composition, and instrumentation that creates not only new sound format but also new music forms or genres themselves.

- has worked on worldwide known standard jazz numbers and pops not to speak of korean folk tunes & Classics turning into new kind of music handling them with full of care and consideration to give them not only new quality but also delicate energy.

- focuses more on enlarging the sources and methods by putting more value on expressing racial sentiment through jazz medium.



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