"In the Margin" - Stone Jazz

Stone Jazz
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Stone Jazz's 3rd rendition of Beethoven's symphony no.9
  • 3 Choral III
  • 4 Spring
  • 6 Choral I
  • 9 Humor(isk)
  • artist:Stone Jazz
  • featured artist:Stone Jazz
  • region:South East Asia
  • release year:2013
  • style(s):World Jazz, Korean Classical
  • country:South Korea
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:Stone Jazz
  • label:Synnara music co.
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* Title : In the Margin

* Form : double jacket CD digipack

* Distribution date : 2013.9.9

* Distributor : Synnara music co.

* Track info

CD 1

1.Elise (The Temptress) <5:53> (From Beethoven's Bagatelle in Am, WoO)
2.Autumn <6:17> (From Vivaldi's 4 seasons)
3.Midnight <6:20> (From Beethoven's Piano Sonata no.8 2nd mov.)
4.Sonata <6:43> (From Mozart's Piano Sonata no.11 in A. K.331)
5.Spring <7:38> (From Vivaldi's 4 seasons)
6.Choral I <7:22> (From Beethoven's Symphony no.9)
7.Choral II <10:20> (From Beethoven's Symphony no.9)
8.Choral III (Rain train) <7:58> (From Beethoven's Symphony no.9)


CD 2
1.Humor(risk) <6:14> (From Dvorak's Humoresque Op.101, No.7)
2.Turkey <5:24> (From Mozart's Piano Sonata No.11 KV331)
3.Pavane (Volcano lake) <6:22> (From Gabriel Faure's Pavane)
4.Gymnopedie <6:19> (From Eric Satie's Gymnopedie no.1)
5.Symphony <12:24> (From Mozart's Symphony no.40 KV550)
6.Concerto <5:52> (From Mozart's Piano Concerto no.21. 2nd mov.)
7.Lullaby <5:43> (From Brahms Wiegenlied Op.49-no.4)


* Artists

Recompositon, Arrangement, Piano & Guitar - Onesoo Lee
Contra Bass - Gunseung Yi
Drum - Changhoon Lee
Gayagm (Korean traditional lap harp) - Hoonjung Yang
Haegm (Korean traditional ulhoo) - Hyunsuk Shin
Piri (Korean traditional bamboo oboe) - Hyoungwook Yoon
Ajang (Korean traditional lap cello) - Hyunsik Shin


Producer - Onesoo Lee
Recording Engineer - Seungnam Z. from Antenna music
Recorded on 10, 11.July.2013. at Pyungchon art hall, KOREA
Mixing Engineer - Songji Nam at AUDIOGUY
Mastering Engineer - Junghoon Choi at AUDIOGUY
Cover illustrator - Kwangil Kim
Photographs - Storys in the photos

* Press Review

Stone jazz’s new album is full of pleasure of listening.
Well-known Classic numbers have been reborn as jazz tunes accompanied with korean traditional instruments,
where the arrangement and performance are exquisite.
All tracks are performed in famazing direction and show interpretation of flashes of wit.
It is an auspicious meeting of classic, korean traditional and jazz.

-Ilbum Chang - (Music critic / KBS Classic Fm)

It's been 100 years that classic became the human race's music from western music.
And it has gained a new life in our peninsular in 21 century.

- Jinmook Kim - (Music critic)

Not just combining korean traditional instruments and jazz (western) instruments,
but also sharing musical sentiment contained in them,
Stone Jazz is making a modest space with proper margin between classic melodies.

- Kwanghyun Kim - (The executive editor at Jazz People magazine)