"Marco Enrico Bossi: Complete Organ Works vol XV" - Andrea Macinanti

Andrea Macinanti
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  • artist:Andrea Macinanti
  • featured artist:Andrea Macinanti
  • release year:2022
  • style(s):Classical Music
  • country:Italy
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Tactus sas
  • label:Tactus sas
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With this double CD, the world premiere recording of Marco Enrico Bossi's complete organ
works, undertaken by Andrea Macinanti over 10 years ago, finally comes to an end. The dutiful
tribute to one of the great and forgotten composers of Italian twentieth century organ music ends
- like the rest of the series - with the use of a series of historical instruments that fully document
the musical aesthetics of the great organist. The repertoire includes a series of transcriptions of
famous pieces by great authors of nineteenth-century Europe, vocal and instrumental pieces with
the original accompaniment of the organ, and some interesting unfinished organ fragments,
completed for the occasion by Maestro Paolo Geminani.