Bogotá International Music Festival

Bogota International Music Festival

The Teatro Mayor, Julio Mario Santo Domingo, together with the Secretary of Culture, Recreation and Sports and IDARTES -the Distrital Institute of Arts-, has been working hardly to make posible that citizens can use their cultural rights and also into the promotion of a plural and fluent dialog of cultures. Under this policy, and with the strong goal of bring culture to every corner of the city, Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo launched in 2013 the Bogota International Music Festival, a bianual thematic meeting around the music.

First Edition, 2013
Bogotá is Beethoven

General Description

It was established that each edition of the Bogota International Music Festival would be dedicated to a composer, a musician or a musical genre. Following that interest, in 2013 the Bogotá International Music Festival was dedicated to the figure of Ludwig van Beethoven and his music. Beethoven opened the door to romanticism in music and his work marked a new path in music history and styles. Beethoven is one of the most recognized and popular composers, and we saw in his work a wonderful excuse to open our Festival, and reunite in this event, both, persons with knowledge of music and the general public.

During a term of four days, the Festival offered 56 concerts in 12 different venues around the city. We tried to offer an event in every main zone of the city in order to gather and welcome every person who lives or visits the city. The price of tickets were subsidized in a 92 percent, what allowed us to have entrances with costs like 10.000 or 20.000 pesos per each (around 7 EUR). We also offered 14 free concerts in different points of the city.

Beethoven in other tonge

The Festival decided to open a space where, wellknown colombian musicians, using genres like jazz, latin, and colombian traditional music, recreated Bethoven’s music. This new insight, a colombian one, of the german composer's work, was a great succes. Ensambles like Puerto Candelaria, La Mojarra Eléctrica and musicians like Antonio Arnedo gave their own seasoned view to Beethoven’s music. In a four hours celebration, bogotanos could enjoy a blend between classical and contemporary music.


In order to promote national talent, the Secretary of Culture, Recreation and Sports, IDARTES and the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo created a Piano Contest celebrated previous to the Bogota International Music Festival.

After a 5 months process, the jury, integrated by spanish pianist Maria José de Bustos, british pianist Simon Mulligan and Juan Alonso Mendoza, Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofia's artistic director, unanimously declared winner to Manuela Osorno Chávez.

This young pianist performed as soloist a recital in the concert 28, on friday 29th of march in the teatro Estudio Julio Mario Santo Domingo.


The results could not be better: full attendance in all the venues, with a total of 31.275 asistants. Four of the concerts were transmited live in the Bogota’s TV station, Canal Capital, the Theatre’s official partner, for a final scope of 44.280 spectators.

Second Edition
Bogotá is Mozart

After the succes of Bogota International Music Festival in its first edition, the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santodomingo decided to choose as topic, for the second edition, to the austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In this opportunity the Festival slogan is Bogotá is Mozart and it will be held from 1st to 4th of april. In comparison with the previous edition, Festival has increased the number of concerts, venues and free performances.

This year the Bogota International Music Festival will offer 63 concerts in 15 different venues located in 10 zones around the city. The prices of tickets will be subsidized, and public will find entrances from 10.000 pesos (7 EUR) per concert. Also, we will offer 17 free entrance concerts where we expect 50.000 attenders.

Fiesta Mayor (Mayor Party)

We will enjoy, as in the previos edition, a Party with Mozart. In this oportunity the ensambles Mambanegra and Puerto Candelaria will offer their own lecture of Mozart’s music and style. The idea is not only use Mozart’s melodies and harmonies in the format of each of these groups, but perform Mozarts music in as a exercise of sincretism. This performance will be the Festival’s closing on the 1st of april in the Teatro Mayor lobby.


In the framework of the Bogota International Music Festival, the Fundación Amigos del Teatro Mayor, manager institution of Teatro Mayor, Teatro Estudio and the Public Library, venues of the cultural center, decided to open a contest for young orchestras.
This initiative has as a goal to show the work that the young symphonic orchestras are doing in Colombia. This contest is open to colombian orchestras with maximum 22 members. The Chamber Orchestra Juan N. Corpas was the winner in this ocassion and will perform three concerts on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of April.