The Click Clack Project and JOLT Arts

JOLT Arts is a professional sonic art organisation based in Melbourne. JOLT's sister company is The Click Clack Project — for community sonic arts

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Musicians and sound artists across the planet are frothing at the mouth in their attempts to expand humanity’s experience of sonic creativity. As people who cherish their sonic cultures all over the world will attest – to take the sound away from a culture is to tear out its heart. So JOLT is a sound-based arts organisation that seeks to forthrightly contribute to the flowering of local cultures, whilst maintaining an international vision through our total devotion to deepening the sonic experience of our audiences and artists alike. Our events reward adventurous listeners. We are not an organisation for the couch potato. We actively seek to remove many of the restrictive sonic barriers that artists and audiences are often faced with. Our open-minded and actively positive attitude is supported by our own definition of what we believe sound art to be, “any creative act that prioritises sound.”
We present concert series, international tours, gallery-based sonic events, site-specific sonic events, and recorded sound outcomes. As well as being a presenter of sonic arts project, JOLT is also a production house, which focuses on creating in-house projects that explore research-based philosophical auditory agendas and sonic technologies.
Founding member )-(u||!c|< (James Hullick) is the Artistic Director at JOLT – a not-for-profit artist-run organisation based in Australia, and governed by a board of directors. Through strong organisational leadership, JOLT has established a network of operations in the UK, Switzerland, Japan, Germany and China with specialist sound art and music organisers who are very much a part of the sonic cultures arising in their respected countries.

Since JOLT’s inception in 2007, the organisation has devoted some of its time to developing projects that engage youth sound makers and sound makers with a disability. This lead to the 2010 creation of a new sonic arts organisation titled The Click Clack Project Inc., which specialises in sonic community development projects, and which works closely with the Faculty of the VCA and MCM, University of Melbourne and the Footscray Community Arts Centre in Australia. Together JOLT and Click Clack create sonic art that is born in the hearts of living, breathing sonic communities. As we create, we can see that many diverse sonic communities are becoming liberated from artificial national boundaries, dancing under the ecstatic rain of a dynamic international sonic community.

The Click Clack Project is an interabilities sound art organisation that generates high calibre sonic performances, workshops and recordings through the combination of sound artists and musicians of varying abilities. The most highly trained and technically gifted musicians and sound makers work alongside and on equal footing with those sound makers who are still developing their abilities. Developing musicians and sound artists include, but are not limited to, those sound makers with an intellectual disability, and disadvantaged young sound makers still in the early stages of life’s remarkable journey. Click Clack seeks to provide pathways to professionalism for artists from the community sector. In this way we can promote the best features of inclusive culture in Australia and the world.

Click Clack integrates community participants the Amplified Elephants and the Noise Scavengers together with the elite musicians of the BOLT ensemble and Click Clack artistic director/composer James Hullick. Another exciting feature of this project is the incorporation of sound machines and sculptures into our events.

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James Hullick (composer)


James Hullick (composer)