James Hullick (composer)

James Hullick (composer)
Hullick playing prepared piano for THESE COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOURS 'IF I COULD SING'
THESE COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOURS: 'giveth and taketh away': Composition 1: performed by BOLT: Hullick writing the score in the concert during the show
THESE COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOURS: 'RE:EVOLUTION' Concert 4: feat Amplified Elephants and RESONANCE Table with BOLT
THESE COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOURS: 'SCHIZOID 1': Concert 3: Image of Sound Machines. Event included BOLT Ensemble
THESE COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOURS: 'SKY-FLUNG HERDS': Concert 1: by Hullick, perf ARCKO Orchestra and BOLT Ensemble
THESE COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOURS: 'Broken Wood, Whistling Wind': Concert 2: by Hullick, perf ARCKO Orchestra and BOLT Ensemble
THESE COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOURS: 'giveth and taketh away': Composition 1: performed by BOLT: Musician shredding score at end of piece


Composer: Hullick. Performer: BOLT. Hullick wrote score whilst it was being performed. Musicians shredded the score at the end of the piece. Live.
  • 1 giveth and taketh away


Artists who performed in THESE COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOURS

)-(u||!c|< www.hullickmedia.com

)-(u||!c|< (James Hullick) is a Melbourne based composer, sound artist, artistic director and researcher who exists at the forefront of international sonic arts creation and presentation. With a focus on working with communities, )-(u||!c|<’s sonic practice is wide-ranging.

watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_03agElOAE

)-(u||!c|<’s most recent project, titled These Compulsive Behaviours (2014), underlines )-(u||!c|<’s remarkable abilities as composer, performer, director and community arts worker. Presented in partnership with JOLT Arts, The Click Clack Project, Melbourne Festival and Footscray Community Arts Centre, These Compulsive Behaviours consisted of 10 works for large ensemble and orchestra over four Herculean concerts. Eight works were composed by )-(u||!c|< with one work composed by )-(u||!c|< and the Amplified Elephants (musicians with an intellectual disability) and one work composed by )-(u||!c|< and indigenous elders of the Kimberley region. The entire project was didicated to )-(u||!c|<’s wife Charlotte, with long-term love relationships being a central theme for the whole project. Works were performed by BOLT Ensemble, Arcko Symphonic Project, Amplified Elephants, Cochlear Implant Singers, Noise Scavengers, Pansy Nulgit (voice) (indigenous elder of the Kimberley), Michael Kieran Harvey (piano) and )-(u||!c|< (voice/piano/electronics).


1. 'giveth and taketh away', perf BOLT Ensemble, score composed in the concert
2. 'Sky-Flung Herds' perf. BOLT and Arcko (for orchestra and field recordings)
3. 'The Ballad of the Ever Young Miss Rose' perf Michael Kieran Harvey (piano), BOLT and Arcko with electronics by Noise Scavengers (for piano, orchestra and electronics)
4. 'Wrought Glacial' for orchestra (BOLT and Arcko) and with indigenous songs performed by Pansy Nulgit

1. 'Broken Wood, Whistling Wind' for orchestra and electronics (BOLT and Arcko)
2. 'If I Could Sing' for chamber ensemble (BOLT) with voice and piano by )-(u||!c|<. Features scores verbally given through headphones

1. 'Schizoid 1' for chamber orchestra and sound sculpture machines
2. 'Uno Series' for chamber orchestra and sound sculpture machines
3. 'Threshold' for chamber orchestra, electronics and pre-recorded Cochlear Implant Singers

1. 'RE:EVOLUTION' co-composed by )-(u||!c|< and the Amplified Elephants. for chamber orchestra and the RESONANCE Table interface.

A key work in the series was RE:EVOLITION by )-(u||!c|< and the Amplified Elephants, with the BOLT Ensemble joining for the performance. The project explored Darwinism from the perspective of intellectual disability, and featured the RESONANCE Table created by CiART, RMIT University. RESONANCE is program created for a touch table interface, and became the electronic interactive instrument that the Elephants performed with for the event. Here is a video link about RESONANCE: http://www.clickclackproject.org/video

These Compulsive Behaviours was extremely well supported by the media. Parts of the project were broadcast live on ABC Classic FM. Glowing reviews were reported:

“all commendable but the Melbourne Festival concert of James Hullick's compositions from the BOLT Orchestra and Arcko Symphonic Ensemble stood out as an original, memorable, creative experience.” Clive O’Connell, The Age

)-(u||!c|<: background

Taught by Felix Werder (Aus/Ger), James Tenney (USA), Liza Lim (Aus) and Warren Burt (Aus/USA), )-(u||!c|< initially worked as pianist, vocalist and composer. He soon branched out into electronic sound before adding sound sculpture and sonic machinery to his creative process. )-(u||!c|<’s work is characterised by an unusual ability to use sound to engage with social issues. His projects have been presented internationally for a variety of ensembles and electronic formats. Innovative terrains of sonic excellence that )-(u||!c|< continues to work through include: recursive compositional techniques, perceptual music making, real time scores, sound making machines and community arts projects. )-(u||!c|< founded JOLT (2008) and has artistically directed many projects since that time (www.joltars.org). JOLT projects and JOLT Festivals have taken place internationally in New York, Japan, Europe and the UK. In 2011 )-(u||!c|< founded The Click Clack Project, an org. that combines community sonic artists with professional sonic artists (www.clickclackproject.org). )-(u||!c|< holds a PhD and recently completed a three-year Fellowship at the University of Melbourne’s Conservatorium of Music. He was awarded an Australia Council Fellowship for 2015 and received the Michael Kieran Harvey Piano Scholarship 2015-16.


James Hullick (composer)