"Entangled" - Matthew Whiteside

Matthew Whiteside
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  • artist:Matthew Whiteside
  • featured artist:Matthew Whiteside
  • release year:2019
  • style(s):Contemporary, Indie-Classical
  • country:United Kingdom
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc),
  • record posted by:The Night With… // Composer
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“It is refreshing to encounter a composer making albums with new classical music in this way, for when used imaginatively the format still has much to give” Arcana.fm

“Effective and Unsettling” – BBC Music Magazine

“Post-minimalist bold sparseness” – The Herald

“Entangled is the soundtrack for an extended Halloween, extended for those who are currently catching up on their youth” Thoroughly Good

Composer Matthew Whiteside releases second album ‘Entangled’ featuring three string quartets and electroacoustic responses to physics and sound.

The centerpiece of the album is Quartet No. 4 (Entangled) was originally commissioned by the Institute of Physics for the NI Science Festival‘s 2018 John Bell Lecture, where it was premièred. The three movements (Waves, Spooky Action and Spinning) are each a music exploration and response to a different facet of the work relating to John Stewart Bell through string quartet and electronics.

The composition is accompanied by a moving image work by Marisa Zanotti which responds to the musical structures in the score, creating images of entanglement by playing with light, time and dancing bodies.

Quartet No. 6 was writen while he was staying at an Air BnB in Tallinn, Estonia, and begin life when he picked up a set of windchimes the owner had left lying around. The piece is an orchestration of those chimes and imagines a great hand jiggling the quartet to initiate each gesture.

Quartet No. 5 a more spectral composition hinting at electronics through the extended techniques used by the quartet.

Response One and Respone Two are two purely electronic works responding to and using samples from the previous quartets.