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  • Tomeu Moll-Mas (Piano)
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Pianist born in Majorca in 1975, this passionate performer is developing a remarkable career due to his commitment to contemporary repertoire, new concepts related with performance and sound innovation.

As soloist or as a chamber musician he has performed in Brazil, Catalonia, Chile, France, Finland. Germany, Spain and the UK.

One of his latest projects was the creation of "PEÇA", a piece that fuses live ceramic sculpture, live electronic music and piano performance, in collaboration with a sculptor and a sound artist.

He is artistic co-director of Ensemble Espai Sonor and also of Alter Face, an ensemble of keyboards devoted to the repertoire for manipulated piano, two pianos and any kind of keys. In 2018 he is promoting "PHONA", a new concert series in Majorca.

His repertoire includes major works of both classical and contemporary styles, such as Bach's "Goldberg Variations" or Concert in A Major, Stravinsky's Concerto for Wind Orchestra, Messiaen's "Sept Haïkaï" or "Vingt Regards sur l'Enfant-Jésus", Jean Barraqué's Piano Sonata, Marco Stroppa's "Minitaure Estrose I", etc.


Tomeu Moll-Mas


Tomeu Moll-MasTomeu Moll-MasTomeu Moll-Mas

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