• country:Portugal
  • region:Lisboa
  • style(s):Fado
  • label:not signed
  • type:Quartet
  • gender:female
  • artist posted by:UGURU

Line up

  • Bernardo Couto (Guitarra Portuguesa)
  • Daniel Pinto (Viola)
  • Fabrízio Romano (Piano)
  • Mísia (voice)


Sentimental animal

this project, yearned for for years, is set on 3 artistic facets that interact with each other:

- a book, where personal stories are told, along with, poetic episodes, comical and sentimental, and the small tragedies of my life and my artistic journey

- an album, whose music is directly linked to the narrative of the book, to its chapters, and to it's inherent emotions. Some themes are already part of my musical repertoire, but newly arranged, new soundscapes. Others are new and written exclusively for this project.

- a stage performance, totally inspired by the music off the album, but with short monologues, wherein lies the link between musical themes, the written work produced for the aforementioned project.

On stage:
Maestro Fabrizio Romano, on the piano
Bernardo Couto, on the Portuguese guitar
Daniel Pinto on the acoustic bass and viola.