Rui Massena
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New album "III" released worldwide, by Deutsch Grammophone, on 10th of May.
A life-long pioneer and defender of classical music, a maestro and pianist by training, Rui Massena has performed in 14 countries with 30 orchestras, has conducted for José Carreras, Ute Lemper and Wim Mertens and was the main guest conductor of the Rome Symphony Orchestra for three seasons.

With his first album, “Solo”, in 2015, recorded entirely on solo piano, his remarkable talent as a melodist was revealed to the world. In 2016, he released “Ensemble”, partly recorded with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. The record shot to #1 in the Portuguese charts.

The new album “III” was recorded in two stages: in Berlin, all the piano parts were recorded with the Grammy winner producer and engineer Tobias Lehman and in Oporto, they were recorded with his stage band. The record was mastered in New York by Grammy-winning engineer Joe Laporta and released in Portugal by Universal on the Deutsche Grammophon label in November 2018. A tour is already planned for 2019 coinciding with the international release of “III”.


"III" - Rui Massena


Rui Massena