Universal Edition

Universal Edition is a classical music publisher from Vienna

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UE was founded in 1901 and is one of the largest and most traditional music publishers in Austria. It distributes sheet music and licenses the best orchestras and houses worldwide. The publishing programme includes composers like Gustav Mahler, Béla Bartók, Leoš Janáček, Arnold Schönberg, Kurt Weill, Arvo Pärt, Pierre Boulez and Wolfgang Rihm.
With scodo and getnote, UE provides composers and musicians worldwide with new, modern forms of publishing and distributing sheet music.

With scodo composers can publish their sheet music and present their works in the Universal Edition catalogue. The renowned Viennese music publisher distributes the composer's sheet music digitally and printed, to orchestras and musicians all over the world. More information: www.universaledition.com/scodo

With getnote Universal Edition launched a service, that helps to connect music publishers to sheet music apps like Newzik effortlessly and seamlessly, while also offering digital asset management and digitalization service to music publishers. Universal Edition benefits from the experience it gained when it became the first music publisher in the world to distribute digital sheet music via Newzik in 2019. More information: www.getnote.io



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