Hugh Gregory Waldock
Hugh Waldock


Piano Sonata 12 Movement 2
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Piano Sonata 12 Movement 2
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  • artist:Hugh Gregory Waldock
  • featured artist:Hugh Waldock
  • region:England
  • release year:2021
  • style(s):Contemporary, Classical Music
  • country:United Kingdom
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, Book
  • record posted by:Waldock, Hugh
  • label:Hugh Waldock Arts
  • publisher:Hugh Waldock Arts

This is a video of me playing a movement from my twelfth sonata, the central one called Marriage Dance. You can actually see me live playing it this time, just to show solidarity with concert pianists. I started piano at sixteen and couldn’t play a note then. I picked up the junior prize at school at seventeen playing Minuet in A by Krieger, but I was firmly a first study singer until I studied and passed second study piano at Cologne Conservatoire Wuppertal Campus with Jan Ehnes after just 3.5 years lessons in total and never having played in childhood. I have a disability and have been off work for some time so I’ve just played, and composed twenty of these three movement piano sonatas. I’m not professing to be a concert pianist, but a composer whom ‘plays it’ all ‘anyway’ as Jan made me play my Bach Prelude 902a at college without mistakes very slowly and methodically ‘if I really practised’. I am being realistic. I think genius is relative anything fluent and without mistakes is genius some some gravities of super massive black holes are greater than others and attract a larger following.

This was part of a speedy 12th sonata I wrote all three movements in a single day two minutes each, totally six and a half mins. This one I’ve named marriage dance. This is the happiest and most conventional of the three. It is playable is what I’m trying to say though the consecutive ascending and descending sixths with accidentals a mile apart from the tune in the left present a challenge at first. If you like it I can sell you the printed score and you would be welcome to perform it for me and record the performance to help me sign a score deal.