4 New Certificates in the First Quarter of 2022

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Hugh has got two new releases coming out on Spotify in the next month both on piano.

1. I reached the final of the London Classical Music Competition Professional Category Piano final this year with my version of Mozart's Sonata Facile K.545 III Rondo. That is coming out in three days on my Spotify account. I've previewed the artwork on this article it's got a pic I took of the Archbishop of Salzburg's Palace in the city centre in 2000. That is coming out in three days and I produced it a bit different to the release on YouTube. It has a higher bit rate and more bandpass.

2. In a month's time I'm bringing out the whole of chapter 3 of The Hungarian Piano School Book two the whole of the Character Pieces in one album with pictures of my trip to Budapest with my production on. The canvases depict scenes in and around the city in 2019. I've previewed the Artwork on here. This is set to come out on the 19th of May.

3. HOFA have given my two qualifications so far this year the Audio Engineering Assistant in January and the Harmony and Theory Paper in March.

4. In addition I have the Certificate of Completion of a short course in Film Music Composition in London with Barbara Di Biasi for creating 3 pieces of film music.

5. I have private piano tuition now form Samantha Wild Hungarian National Champion, but I'm only just starting with her. I'm taking a step back form the playing I was doing earlier to progress with the technical aspects of playing textbook tenuto, and applying it to the work of Karl Czerny. she's an excellent first study piano tutor and it's really working what she's doing helping me to really thing about my playing in a whole new way just after 2 lessons. Well worth the money. Totally brilliant pianist to work with even online you can find her on Facebook. I've included three of the studies I've prepared for her so far and you can see the progression with them. That's after just one £50 lesson of 60 minutes. She's got real talent.

6. I have composition lessons from Maja Matic of The Hague Conservatory in Holland. SUFE sonata movement II is my first composition for Matic who has just taken over as my first dedicated composition private tutor. I've finally bitten the bullet and got one. There is a full Sibelius Score of it.

7. I'm doing some violining with the Benedetti this month the global sessions are on again if anyone is interested in joining me for a play.

8. I'm also doing some creative writing with Oxford Continuing Education.

9. I'm writing Piano Sonata 21. Stand Up for Europe I've just written the second movement.

10. I've go a reunion evensong with Ralph Allwood coming up next month for Eton Choral Courses where I sang on the BBC in 1995 early on.

11. I'm auditioning for the Aldeburgh Voices on the 25th or 26th of this month.

12. I'm in the process of moving house we've come into a lump sum of money.

13. I'm working on my pop production and Classic Band Sound so I'm recording myself singing to get used to producing vocals also. The Orbison track show just about where I am with it. It's just the vocals I was concentrating on as an exercise rather than the backing track which I don't won the rights to and cannot be monetised but can be disseminated with vocals on YouTube. During my two gigs I got to shadow Deejay Grahame Hales at Colchester Arts Centre Jazz Club (Grahame is half Dutch incidentally and it's a wonderful influence on my production skills) I learned to process sax and vocals better. He's a great advisor too. Taught me about miking and setting up, but that's about all I got for free work experience. Fun though! I might be offered professional terms as an Audio Engineer for Butlin's they've shown interest. They are a traditional holiday camp firm in the UK that do kind of Redcoat English Seaside Music 50s hits etc.Might be a little too soon I don't know but I'm quite good for having only done production for 8 months of my life! I've just got my apprentices badge.

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