5 Certificates and 2 Accolades in 2022

LCMC Special Mention Playing on Social Media


Speed entry to BIMC Vocal
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Lots of things have happened to my that are positive this year despite the general doom and gloom. I am glad to say I'm bucking the trend. I'm currently studying at HOFA College of Audio Engineering Music Production in Mannheim where I am due to finish my HND in production this year and move on to the degree year at their partner institution. This includes Classical Music Production Skills for live as well as overdub studio recordings. I've recently had a go at producing a recording of a full orchestra playing Hungarian Dance by Brahms which I got a good mark for. I'm all for introduction of tasteful production onto live recordings.

HOFA Prize and Recordings for BIMC

I won the same voucher prize from HOFA that I did last year for the college shop for my piece and production called Fanfare which can also be played by a live brass quintet. I was deliberating what to buy and I've chosen an acoustic absorber for my home studio. I was skeptical when it came out of the box as a large foam pad but it's been put to good use blocking off an enclave in my room where the sound reverberates during recording and has proven particularly effective in taking down 7 unaccompanied numbers for the Birmingham International Music Competition this year with my other acquisition this year a supercardioid dynamic mic, my Shure SM58. I'm also entering in the piano category this year. My BIMC entry was rather rushed this year due to not being informed until the last minute so the recordings I took down in just two days; one day for voice and one day for piano. I also memorised and recorded the first movement of the Sonatina in C by Clementi and recorded it in just 24 hrs and I haven't played it since 2019. I could have done with an extra day because I got in the final of the sister competition in London this year LCMC and got my Special Mention from them which was my other accolade this year. I'm entering that one again this year with some Bach BWV 933 and a Scarlatti Sonata K.159 by December 30th.

My Vocal Programme for BIMC was recorded in just one evening unaccompanied on my home studio.

1. One Charming Night from Purcell's Fairy Queen
2. Where're You Walk from Semele by Handel
3. Star Vicino by Salvatore Rosa
4. The Jolly Jolly Breeze by John Eccles
5. Heidenröslein by Goethe and Schubert
6. Es ist ein Ros entsprungen by Michael Praetorius
7. Nymphs and Shepherds by Henry Purcell.

Being Played on London Classical Music Competition Social Media Channels

As a result of being the only Brit in the final of LCMC Professional Category Piano Final this year my performance of Sonata Facile K.545 III Rondo was broadcast on their social media channels and this has increased my number of Spotify fans by about 75% this month and I'm beginning to retain some of those too. I'm now up to a total of 3000 plays and this month I have had 105 monthly listeners. For who I am right now I think that's quite good. That's why I'm looking to enter again in both competitions this year the publicity has been useful to gain a little marketing from a standing start with limited funding.

5 Certificates

I have gained the:

1. HOFA German Certified Audio Assistant
2. HOFA Harmony and Theory
3. Goethe Institute Cert of attendance fo a C1 Writing course in german Language
4. Oxford Continuing Education Advanced Writing Lives in Creative writing
5. GSMD Short Course in Film Music Composition for Beginners.

I'm am currently studying on the HOFA Pro and Oxford Continuing Education Music Analysis courses. I'm hoping to have a Vocal Teaching Diploma from ABRSM and a Degree in Music Production of all kinds by 2025 and other things. I'm also looking to make money an author. I'm looking to grow my Spotify income to 6000 pounds a year by 2025 just form that one source. With my portfolio career that should work well with the other things in my life as an independent artist. I'm looking to move into film and gaming music too at some stage so it's a multi centred approach for my five musical studies which are:

1. Piano
2. Voice
3. Composition
4. Production
5. Violin

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