Class Winner: Virtual Suffolk Festival of the Performing Arts: Adult Speech

Me at at a local nature reserve in Essex


My Translation
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Yesterday I won the adult speech category of the Virtual Suffolk Festival of the Performing Arts. This was a performing arts prize in Speech and Drama. It's my first win as an adult though I won three times in my youth in Singing, Junior Piano and Speech at school and was nominated for Best Young Actor of my area. So, it's nice to be given another accolade, even if you won as the only entrant in that category, I'm likely to get a performance or two out of it and to meet a few people. Possibly to direct a few Streams on Spotify my way. Due to the win I've also diversified into producing performance poetry as well as music and podcasts will be appearing on my Spotify too alongside my music. I am a prolific poet and writer as well as a composer. So, it's chance to make something of both hopefully.

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