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Grade 3 Piano


Grade 3
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I'm not giving in with the music. I've got myself a little student job as a postman. I've financed my 2 trips to Classical Next so far with Christmas work from the logistics firm Royal Mail. They've offered me a casual position which will allow me to reduce the debt I incurred fighting to stay in the EU and to continue studying for something better in music and writing and the arts. If you are flying by the seat of your pants like me I would advise getting anything for now because I think the screw is going to be turned on poorer members of this group big time. I'm happy to have any extra income at all at the moment. I think most people are never going to work again and in the UK most of their savings will go on healthcare and so on. It's a working class job but it could be priceless in this current situation. As a musical entrepreneur it could provide me with a little venture capital because I live with my maternal family I don't pay expenses any money I earn I keep for investing in my business. If I can free up some of my credit I could have some real venture capital to push on at at time where it counts to be moneybags. It might put me in a solid position with it to pay my way into music still and get a living wage form it at least. I would urge other people in my position to do something similar. It's going to be a rocky road but I've got something out of it, because I've won the right to keep paying university and college fees at least.

On a lighter note I've just decided to go through the piano and violin grades as best I can to grade 8 ABRSM. I just got Grade 3 in 1.5 weeks without a teacher via remote assessment and playing one fo my own pieces too which I got a high merit of 24 for. See my video. It's called German Dance. I also played Disco Baroque by Alan Bullard a composer I know in person and a Handel Gavotte and Haydn Trumpet Concerto arrangement. I only got 115/150 overall so a solid pass but I only took 1.5 weeks and I'm only a second study pianist that started at 16. I couldn't lift the lid before then. I'm now busy learning for grade four which I'm submitting on or by 12th May 2021.

article posted by:Hugh Waldock, Waldock, Hugh