Electronic Production of my Complete Piano sonatas

Album cover

I'm now in the process of producing my work electronically but importing the files from Sibelius into Logic to give a more authentic classical feel. The idea being that if interest can be generated in the sonatas they could be publish as scores for £1 a download or more. Maybe the could also be sold as film or gaming music. I have a background in Classical Music but am now learning the art of production and electronic music composition on my BSc at HOFA Studios. I'm going to continue to play, sing, composer, write books, artisan scores and voiceovers. I'm also entering one in the competition for performance at Carnegie Hall this month funds permitting. I'm still going in for the competitions. I got one Special Mention in a national video competiton final this year in London in performance and have a minor song writing voucher prize from last year at HOFA. Those are the two most recent ones. I have 6 finals and 4 accolades in total. Including a regional final as well as being school champion at singing in 1995 and at year champion speech in 1993 respectively. My regional acting nomination came in 1996. I have a junior piano prize also at school. I'm incredibly productive anyway, which I've inherited from my East German friends. Might be singing for the Leipzig Bach Festival We are Family Choir next time round. I got notification form the Bach Foundation that I will receive word when the time comes. That would be a nice gig to do a passion with them.

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