Europa Song and Allegro Assai



Europa Song
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My first experiments as a performing sound engineer. I've also rendered a lovely recording of this Beethoven Sonatina Movement Allegro Assai with me playing. I've just recorded that coming through the mobile phone and rendered it using Logic Pro 10 but I'm getting more professional with the Tech I've got a Scarlett Interface and I'm about to buy a condenser mic. I've already got a USB mic that is good for speech and voice recordings and I'm replacing that for vocals and instruments already. The Europa Song was recorded with that. It's better than the phone or IPad. I've edited the recordings a bit to give depth to the sound or add effects I feel appropriate, but I'm just diversifying into this field and have passed my first project at HOFA. I've just purchased a whole home studio for about 1000 GBP. I'm investing in my music. I'm studying to be the total musician now from composition and playing from score right the way through to production editing and enhancement of the sound, which you can be famous for even at my age. I'm hoping to get a few of my recordings up there too as well as the doing professional recordings for people. I've always loved tech as well. I administer 2 websites, but I was a real techie at the age of 12 I coded my BBC Micro and everything and I'm so relieved and overjoyed that I can now pursue both passions in one it has never been this way since my choirmaster at school gave me a choice between computer room and choir. Why does it have to be either or, why not both? A lot of instrumentalists and vocalists don't like musical science and tech I do and I'm hoping to buck the trend by having my fingers in both pies so to speak.

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