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Me at the Royal Albert Hall
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Written out and performed improvisation


3 Movement Sonata for Brass Quintet

Hello everyone. I've just acquired my first commission for a Brass Quintet which I've completed for Boxted Brass. I've just been writing at home for the sheer pleasure of it and want to turn full time pro. I've got over 90 compositions under my belt including 14 piano sonatas and 5 Violin sonatas, character pieces and waltzes for beginners on the piano, two concertos for full orchestra and violin and piano. In short, I'm a prolific composer. Please do check out my U-tube presence. Its' called Wupperwerther, because I lost my girlfriend I had in Wuppertal and my job and it started me writing, but I became very depressed like Junger Werther. It really was a Genieschlag, not just in composing but in self publishing and authoring too. I'm writing my memoires. I've just completed one about Berlin and my political activism I do as a hobby. They are coming out soon. I've also published an edition of hand bound books and scores in leather as a special edition for 250 pounds with guilt lettering on the spine. I'm looking forward to meeting you all there.

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