Launch of My New E-Commerce Website

Me on Mersea Flats

Despite gaining a place to study at Cambridge University this year I'm was feeling a little bit down about having a study break from music to study history of art with a view to improving my videos.

So, I treated myself to a new web shop. I have gone for a duel website strategy. I just happened to buy both domains and together, one of them was just masking the other and .com is HUGE. I mean it literally has over 50k of blogs in works plus vids galore and I felt the sale s message was being lost. So I decided to solve the problem by having a dedicated E-shop with link form my other site. The one I designed myself over the last two years (especially for Classical Next 2018) is now actually worth something it gets over 500 hits a day and is of commercial value, so I can exploit that to farm customers. The serious and the wacky, the bipolar and the focussed.

I'm not restricting myself to just music because I'm desperate not just to see people in this life dedicated to one profession. Nor do I want people to be a Jack of all Trades and master of none but rather a Renaissance man and polymer. Someone who is a fantastic businessman, choirmaster, and composer, teacher etc ,what a life and why just Bach and Palestrina why not you and I?

I am experienced enough to:

1. Compose, play, sing make something of violin and piano via online streaming with possibly some performance.

2. Fulfil my ambitions in writing podcasting and performance poetry.

3. Do political activism and podcasting.

4. Teach via zoom and sale of my own teaching materials.

5. Photograph and animate with and without accompanying music.

I am very optimistic about the new economy, the old one will die but there will be a lot more polymers and a lot less slavery to PAYE. As a person who's enjoyed 10 careers and inherited a bit fo money. I think I have every reason to thrive. singing is part of a package to me now when it was my whole career when I was 17. I thought my life had ended when I failed in London and it was only just beginning.

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