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Having already achieved my ABRSM grade 8 Singing, and Grade 8 Theory via self study in 1997 and 2013 respectively. I am aiming to be the total musician by having 4 grade 8 exams by the end of my life. I want to add piano and violin.

I'm making a start by setting myself a warm up challenge for my HOFA diploma as well. I've noticed that ABRSM in London are doing exams recorded remotely. So I've challenged myself to learn 4 grade 3 pieces and record them in just 3 weeks. In fact, I've learned 3 of them more or less in in 2 days, but 3 weeks is the time limit to do them really well in and get some practise in fo recording myself. The absolute deadline is April 7th. Iv'e got somewhere with this Handel Gavotte already from Suite 491, that i recorded in a day. I've rendered it using the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface and my GEM RP2 EP from 1996 which is a lovely ,sensitive old EP , and then given it one of the sounds from Main Stage, the Bösensdorfer sound I think and put it together on Logic Pro 10 with some concert hall reverb. The photos are of St Thomas Leipzig and the music is Handel, that's the closest Iv'e ever been to Halle.

Music course wise I've won my right to compete on the OU course back so I could have Trinity for the performance cert as part of that course, the OU and HOFA and Triagon academy on my side. Powerful allies indeed are being forged. I've also got Oxford for creative writing and that may or may not lead to summer courses. I know I'm late flowering but I'm looking to really establish myself in the sector and fulfil the potential I feel I've always had.

article posted by:Hugh Waldock, Waldock, Hugh