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Lovely traditional waltz played by me
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I've got these two lovely new little recordings; one of a well known piece Minuet Anh.114 by Petzold and the other a Waltz by Cornelius Gurlitt. I've been advised that using an omni mic to record classical music isn't such a bad idea; that is why I used one on my mobile phone the Google Pixel 6 to record these two performances. There are plug and play omni mics now that have good tone quality. I purchased a suite of mixing tools from the Dutch firm Fabfilter these are useful in providing some decent production on them.

I like to play some shorter pieces sometimes and I play a lot of them well. In lockdown from 2020 - 2022 I recorded nearly 100 shorter pieces on my own. I got another Honourable Mention in Cleveland, Ohio. I'm trying a new distributer who seem a little more professional if you pay them more money. I'm still studying for my degree. I've decided to take 2 music degrees from Triagon Academy Distance Learning University; a BSc in Audio Engineering and Media Production (recording and mixing science), and a BMus in Composition Studies. I'm also studying at Oxford Continuing Education Dept at Oxford University where I have written on Style and Interpretation in Beethoven's Op.13, BWV 933 and Beethoven Sonatina Op.49, Nr.2. I'm currently studying on a Harmony in Practice course there with Peter Copley. I've just submitted for my editing certification from HOFA with any luck I should be a qualified audio editing clerk by the end of the month.

I've become an official friend of the Musical Instrument Museum in the Philharmonie in Berlin also.

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