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Zipoli (sonata movement)
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I'm going to learn how to render my own tracks for publication. I've got a CD coming out of Sonatinas and Dances. Five new numbers on there. I'm not sure I can travel to the conference this year and get the jab in time, but will pay to stay on the system. I've just done my first pop mix. So maybe I can do some crossover music too. I'm training to do sound engineering but am still interested in composition, and playing Classical music. I've been attending Benedetti's online sessions for adult violinists today and Alex Laing was showing us some fantastic new technical tips I was speechless as to the difference they made to my playing instantly. It's a question of conditioning them in. I might one day play and render my own sonatas for my distributor Tune Core.

I'm taking the hint that we talked about in 2018 to keep things snackable and down to earth in length. You can view my album cover. I've studied a bit of art history which has helped with the artwork for CDs and made me more visually aware. This is the first track I've fully rendered of mine in Classical Music. It's a number by Dominico Zipoli the Argentinian Baroque composer born in Naples and a pupil fo Scarlatti. Immaculate technique and a very tuneful little number. I've put it through the sequencer and the college plugins. Sounding far more presentable.

Other than that I'm working hard on a complete recording of Hungarian Piano School Book 2. Iv'e completed the first two chapters. I'm going to try duetting with myself to complete the task. I'm going to start the mammoth task of rendering all 62 numbers recorded so fr for a CD or playlist. So, gradually maturing now I've got a place to get that BA in music again and a European degree might get me passport to a life with you guys; I'm sick of the UK already. They aren't very nice to us battered remainers at all. If the degree doesn't do it for me I'm a member of 3 EU quangos and I'm of Welsh ancestry so I have a few ace cards to play for my citizenship of the EU long term. The German academic institutions are so much nicer to me I don't know why. I'll ask you why you think why?

I'll add a sample track from the CD too. Rezö Sugar's Hey, Mrs Vargane! appears on both planned CDs but this appears as mastered for the one now in production on this post. I'm going to try playing some more concert repertoire. I'm playing bits of the Italian concerto Bach but it's likely my first piece of true concert repertoire will be Dominico Scarlatti Sonata K.159 which was a great influence on sonata form as it was included in my A Level anthology and I'm now good enough to play it. I've made a start on it on SoundCloud where you can listen to my version of the first section. I'm also good at the first section of the first movement of Haydn Hob.49 so we'll see about that as well as some of my own work. The future is bright if we can get past corona.

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