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Hugh Waldock
The score to Anja Sonata Movement 1


1st Movement
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Character Piece
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With my distribution I was offered an official U-Tube presence with the facility to promote your work for a relatively small fee. I’ve put a lot into producing my best official recordings and videos for the U-Tube and U-Tube music forums.

I’ve got 610 viewings of my vid and nearly 200 cross views in just 36 hrs it’s really interesting don’t know whether you guys are familiar with it. I’m really pleased with it. I’ve also entered the Vienna Composition Competition put a hat in the ring there and the HOFA song contest. I have converted nearly half my 63 viewings to votes that’s quite a good ratio. Some people have little more than that with over 800 playings. I’ve only given out 36 votes as well so it’s a really efficient performance, not the best but I’m too busy with my reading for college I’m really pleased with it. You can see the recording I made for last year’s Suffolk Open Piano competition where I was runner up with that track and Verse by Zipoli you can also preview the score to my composition as a JPEG. That recording was last year and that was my best take of the Zipoli better than the one I entered on video but just finishing off my complete recording of the Hungarian Piano School Book 2 playing these little very technical pedagogical numbers in one day each from scratch I don’t think I’ve ever played better this consistently as I’m doing now. I know they are easy but the quality of expression in this vid I’m really pleased with Little Fairy Tale by Maikapar and this other Modzony by Władylaw Markevichuvna. You can learn them from scratch and record them in just ten minutes and it gives you so much confidence with larger pieces if you only started playing at 16 and had three years lessons with a teacher only at school and conservatoire as a second study,

There is so much expression in that Little Fairy Tale hopefully it’ll come out in a Beethoven or Haydn sonata one day or one of my own works to make a really seminal recording I can render myself as an audio engineer and really relish selling on my homepages; Jan Ehnes always said to let my fingers speak and they really are starting to now without me having to think too much about it. I’m beginning to play with really energy and expression in a stable way without thinking too much about it. I never thought I’d be at that stage in my playing at all when I first started college; God knows what I could have been if they’d given me a piano instead of a violin aged five! I can get it out of myself anyway or am starting to at 43. It’s just so fulfilling to play so fluently and really enjoy it. That’s why you should do it whatever anyway!

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