Old and Laboured

New improvisation. I haven't improvised in years. Just a conversation with a younger composer inspired this little work in me. I need to get back into improvising it freshens up your work with new ideas even if you do like to write out on Sibelius. Was that a missed note at the end or does it fit in with the theme? You decide. I quite liked that missed note in the recapitulation it's a beautiful little smudge, makes it a bit less like Debussy after all. I thought, oh no, and then, but why not?


Dusk at the Naze (Old and Laboured)



Old and Laboured

Improvisation. I could rehearse it to perfection but...would it sound authentic?


Alternative ending to old and laboured

Shows my how I work developing a composition rather than improvisation


Tobias Hasslinger Sonatina in C 1st Movement

I can play in time too!


To a dear friend Dr Lutz-Werner Hesse

Early improvisational piece from 2010 dedication to my former music history teacher

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