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by Maikopar
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We at Hugh Waldock Arts are still very much glad to be a member of your world conferencing community, sadly we thought that corona virus was still an issue this year, but it is our full intention to be with you again at the next conference. I have a new album out on Spotify that's done better than ever before of character pieces from the Hungarian Piano School Book 2. Music hardly anyone touches these days. I've recorded 81 numbers from that books so far as a lockdown project. These are mini numbers that build into about 1.5 hrs of music that are consistently and well produced by me as a budding producer as well as performer in an original way, not just recorded on video. I've included an example number which is played and produced by me.I haven't altered the timing just ameliorated the sound quality a little. It's Vision by Maikopar which is from Chapter 3 of the Hungarian Piano School Book II.

It's a very exciting time for us content wise. We are moving into music production and VoiceOver production of our own content. The idea over the next year is to invest in as much marketing as possible via Spotify, Meta, and Google ads. We only have a modest budget but we are confident of building a fan base in this way.

I intend to pioneer a marketing strategy of gist piece and main piece. The problem with extracts from longer pieces is that they do not allow the listener to see the piece in it's full context if they so wish, conversely I've seen some composers of modern synth orchestration produce 1.5 hrs of work to listen to that no one is realistically going to listen through. One way I think we can compromise is to have a gist piece or playlist of gist pieces lasting no longer that 30 seconds to 1 minute in length, pedagogical pieces that make a nice playlist as attention seeking marketing that a lot of people can listen to and then show how you play a piece through. Smaller pieces also build into a nice long playlist that is more suitable for driving as it switches the attention of the listener and allows them to concentrate more easily on driving and doesn't pacify their senses whilst driving. I've piloted this with a CD of smaller pieces of my own I produced last year in our own car. Mum as a non afficianado likes it. It's really snackable and there are so many little numbers it makes up about 1/2 hr of classical music each of the pieces consisting of under 1 minute in length. It is music that people might feel they could attack themselves at home as amateur players and so help to revitalise a classical music fan base and say you too can play a country dance or a minuet! Surely it is our aim to build not just an exclusive community, but one that is interactive and open for people to engage with.

You can also put a few longer numbers on there, such as a few medium length sonatinas and a couple of Mozart and Haydn sonatas to be there alongside the little pieces, in order to show the fans you scoop up from the marketing drives that you can really play. That classical music is more exciting and fun than you think. It's not the music I feel it's us. I love classical music but the pop musicians I have encountered gaining experience as a producer live are so nice to talk to and engage with. They aren't so talent focused and don't judge people on their pianistic skill necessarily but just to keep going doing their own thing. I feel we need more of this in the Classical sector to survive. I assisted DJ Grahame Hales in producing two gigs for Some Kinda Wonder and Hannah Horton Quartet and the manager Steve Wright for his Jazz Club. I'd never worked in that way before and I was just helping set up the miking and could the wires but they were so nice to me just telling me to keep going and do my thing and it might happen. I think this might have something to do with why our stars miss out.

I still feel we're far too aloof as a community about talent, and we can't take pop music on for streams unless we open up our communities of classical music and welcome people in. Our young prodigies should be getting over 1m views at least per video and they aren't getting that. I feel we're dying as an industry and I feel it's time we addressed the problem by being more inclusive. Why is pop music so successful? It is because of it's inclusive nature because they encourage people to play down the pub for 50 pounds a night and create songs for that purpose. I feel that we too could create traditional classical music for that purpose to play alongside. Pop music is dominated by one genre mostly and that is the song, but acoustic instruments and composition are being thrown by the wayside. This is an opportunity to take pop music on in the acoustic instrumental sector. There is hardly any modern popular music written for woodwind, flute or brass quintet still despite our best efforts.

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