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III Vivace
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I've had a great year for my music despite there having been a war. I'm progressing with the music production course at HOFA but also still recording and playing online. My most popular video has got 662 views so far. I'm hoping it will make 1k.

I had a busy December entering three competitions in 1 month for concert piano and getting in all three finals. I got an Honourable Mention from Birmingham International Music Competition (BIMC) for a three piece programme:

1. Johann Sebastian Bach Prelude in C form the Well Tempered Clavier BWV 846
2. I. Allegro from Muzio Clementi Sonatina in C Op.36
3. IV. Allegro from Josef Haydn Piano Sonata Hob VIII

I also entered for the Euterpe Music Awards Berlin and got an Honor Prize for a five piece programme:

1. Minuet II from Bach French Suite in C Minor BWV 813
2. III Vivace from Clementi Sonatina in C Op. 36
3. Christmas Day Secrets T. Dutton
4. Lullaby Alexander Gretchmaninoff
5. Magyr Tanç by Hugh Waldock

I also entered for the London Classical Music Competition (LCMC) and got another Honourable Mention with 2 of my own pieces in:

1. III Playing With fire from Piano Sonata 12 by Hugh Waldock
2. Verso by Dominico Zipoli
3. Anja's Birthday by Hugh Waldock

I played all of those in one month and recorded them on video, phew!

I've passed my topic badge for Digital Audio Production and the new syllabus Audio Assistant's Badge certified by the German government (dept of distance learning) which included the basics of DJing also. So, I'm getting better armed to be a Progressive Classicist and innovate with you.

I've got 20 CATS points from Oxford Uni Continuing Education too for Musical Analysis and Creative Life Writing. I'm documenting my life also. I've just been published in the Novum Summer Anthology which is going to Leipzig and Frankfurt Book Fairs. I've also just got a book deal to publish my first piece of life writing about my 5000 GBP trip across America in 2001. I'm paying for them to create a more professional marketing and social media for me. This trimester I'm doing Beethoven Sonatas with them under the jurisdiction of Jonathan Darnbrough at Oxford and am about to write an essay for that.

My big playing and production project this year is going to be recording and learning the whole of Bach French Suite BWV 813 in C Minor and producing it in a vinyl ready format and on video for a third attempt at the London Classical Music Competition this December. 7 numbers one goal, let's go for it! I'm going to take my time and make a really good job of it.

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