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Sonatinas and Dances : A word from the player and renderer Hugh Waldock

This CD has something for everyone. Complete with 2 lovely photos in a cardboard wallet with the names of all the pieces on the back it is ideal for playing in the car or if you want to get into Classical music and sample some Romantic, Classical and indeed a couple of 20th Century classical pieces that aren't too taxing. These pieces are bitesize and throughly snackable most of them being less than 3 minutes in length. The CD lasts about 35 minutes. They are played on a lovely old 1996 GEM Real Piano 2 electric piano which is acoustically modelled on a Steinway Grand. My debut album on CD and as an Audio Engineer; this is how I knew I wanted to be an Audio Engineer as well as a performer, to have total control over my work form the performance to the production stage. Confliktarts the CD manufacturer helped me render this one but in the future I hope to do it myself and with even finer equipment.

I'd like to earn half my income from it eventually and the rest from composing and recording other people. I've only just started the 2 year Audio Engineering Diploma but I think it's great to combine the tech and performance in one person! I'll bring out more over the course of the next two years.

I am a Certified Second Study Pianist from Hochschule für Musik Köln Standort Wuppertal. I passed in piano rather than voice. I thought I was a professional countertenor but I've proved myself a half decent pianist instead. I can sing bass but I'm quite a gifted instrumentalist and it came to me late. I'd like to try with my instrument at least because I did pass at college level with just 3 years lessons from a teacher and training the rest myself.

Sonatinas and Dances


1. Tobais Hasslinger Sonatina in C

Allegro ma non troppo


2. Ludwig van Beethoven Sonatina in G



3. Muzio Clementi Sonatina in C




4. Alexander Gretchmaninoff Character Pieces


After the Ball

March Heinrich Kaspar Schmid

Song from Creuse Cesar Franck


Minuet in A Johann Krieger

Minuet in G Johann Krieger

Aria Georg Friedrich Händel

Minuet Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Waltz Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Minuet Leopold Mozart

Minuet Joseph Haydn

German Dance Josef Haydn

Our Earth Rezö Sugar

Hey, Mrs Vargane Rezö Sugar

German Dance 2 Josef Haydn

Etude Pal Jardaynai

Harlequin Dimitri Kabalevsky

A little Song Dimitri Kabalevsky

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