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In lockdown it's just been recording music for for 3 Soundcloud playlists from the Hungarian Piano School Book 2. I'm working on a complete recording of the entire book, duetting with myself is wha tI've got planned. I've recorded over 60 of the little pieces in there to improve technique. I'm also experimenting with those soundtracks to make little videos of artistic merit. I've recorded the whole of chapters 1 and 2 and some of chapter 3.

I'm also working on a complete recording of M. Frey's Das Kleine Sonatienenbuch Part 1.

I have also written my 20th piano sonata called Palladian.

I've also designed and administered 2 new homepages, begun to copyright my work with copyright.gov. I have got Tune Core as a distributer and got my work onto Spotify and got myself the BMI as a PRO on a songwriting contract.

I have been writing new works like Rejoiners Rejoice! and have started a requiem mass part of which is one Soundcloud as midi mockups.

I also write about my life to give context to my work as a composer and I've been finishing off My Time in Kassel Dec 2001- Sept 2002 it's on it's 3rd editing run. It's about 25,000 words. I've been enhancing photos to go into the new book about my holidays in the 00s mainly of Austria 2000. I've also done a bit more on Wuppertal Times my life in Wuppertal 2002-2005, which currently stands at 83,000 words. So I'm doing a lot for myself in lockdown 2.

I'm disabled and have a small allowance form the government which just about allows me to keep going with my projects. Also, I live with my surviving parent and she's fairly wealthy. Together, we are mortgage free, We have a small cottage in Colchester UK, but we're looking to double our house in size when we sell my grandfather's property. There are some complications with the sale but that is potentially worth another 200,000 pounds.So, I've got a fair sized inheritance out of it. I've just got to make something of my arts so when the time comes. I don't have to eat into my mothers assets to keep me going.

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