Working together (Regretting rendering Alice Sonata electronically)

Hugh Gruenewald 1979


1st Movement
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I've just finished BASIC2 Course at HOFA and I'm learning how to render my recordings and compositions much better.I just wanna sell the score of this sonata that's why I'm rendering it for concert pianists to play. That was my only intention not to provide an alternative to human performance necessarily. If it sounded good maybe Lang Lang or Valeintina Lisitsa would buy it and play it! I am a composer I play and render out of necessity to sell my work! We've been involved with Classical music in Germany and in the UK all our lives this is it we simply have to make it and make our lives work! I had a talent for their and composition that was more profound than my considerable performing skill others might be different but we have to work together to survive!

I know how hard the skill of performing is I've aspired to being a professional countertenor myself and got quite far with it, but not far enough,. Then I found out my true talent was for composition and possibly also writing and I'll have to spend my life creating chinzy modern electro music for a living unless we can find a way of making traditional composition work as a profession again for those who are talented enough and who want to do it. We're on your side as performers of Classical music we have to renew our profession at all levels after this crisis. We want live music and Western Classical music to survive and people like me want to help at whatever level. We just want to be professional classical composers in the final third of our lives. We're on the side of the Benedetti foundation and all the others working for a better future in Classical music.

A word on how I work relative to what I'm discovering in electronic music

I've always loved tech. Since I was a boy but electronic music is like gaming. You just work at it and you go stepwise forward and get better the more you do it. I like it but it's never going to sound anything more to me as an aficionado of Classical music than a beautiful piece of Palestrina. It's not truly meaningful like Bach or Beethoven is when it's played by a human being. It sounds either like cardboard if it is rendered badly or you get the same sense of colour and cool from it as a renaissance painting, it's nice but dumb, but Bach and Beethoven and the 19th Century German and French and Italian and Russian and Norwegian composers went beyond that, because their music meant something personal. They wrote music as I write it fluently inspired and focussed on that one individual and encapsulating their personality their joy humour and anxiety for us here today and forever. Classical music moves me to tears. It makes me really love and really despise. it's truly joyous and truly meaningful and divinely inspired rather than just adhering to a canon of what we consider good music. I'm capable of writing like that like my heroes Beethoven and Brahms on that much divine inspiration and I'm fully ignored. It's so sad that people are starting to value other things more. We have to save our talent and make it survive Yes we were womanisers yes we weren't the nicest but we Classical musicians were and are the best musicians in history. Long may it continue. I'm a dead poet of classical music like in the film Dead Poet's society I'm not a cool little clever clogs physics buff at heart who thinks he's cleverer than the person who wrote the 6th movement of Brahms Requiem. That's my favourite movement of all time in choral music. I aspire to be Brahms, Beethoven or Bach and work that hard at it not anything else. That's why I deserve that contract. I want a concert pianist to take my Alice sonata and play ti to give it true life and meaning in the way it is composed. Alice was beautiful because she was so evangelical and positive about her Christianity. and I was swept away on a cloud of love for her in writing it and that is truly music is it not? Her love got me into all sorts of trouble politically but it was a great sonata that needs interpretation. I composed above my level of playing here, this one is for a concert pianist to sense Alice's joy and her motherhood and mothering of me when I'd lost my girlfriend. I loved her but it wasn't allowed as a relationship because she had 4 kids. so, I just wrote her the sonata for playing and singing My Lighthouse by the Rend Collective so well together on a Friday rehearsal that's when it started to come to me in 2015. I can but show solidarity and play some of my simpler sonatas myself which I do. I can try I'm not just saying play it again, Sam! I do believe in playing them yourself as much as possible!

article posted by:Hugh Waldock, Waldock, Hugh