Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques

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Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques (W.B.M.) was created in 1984 to help artists, producers and publishers from the French-speaking community of Wallonia and Brussels to make their mark in the musical cultural industry; in all kinds of music.

The agency is co-managed by Wallonia-Brussels International (WBI) and the Federation Wallonia-Brussels.

Since then, it has developed its work around different axes :

• Supporting their presence in music markets, both for recorded sound and the performing arts. These include events such as: CLASSICAL:NEXT, WOMEX, BABEL MED, JAZZAHEAD ...

• Supporting the presence of artists in the major festivals and international showcase events that can lead to major breakthroughs.

• Developping two programmes to support professionals from Wallonia & Brussels: aid in promoting albums released in markets outside Belgium and tour support for artists when a record is released or for showcases intended for professionals;

• welcoming foreign professionals at major music events in Wallonia and Brussels

• Organising promotional operations around specific sectors of musical activity.

• Creating international promotional tools

• Developping an information policy : web site (www.wbm.be), newsletters, …

• Participating in international networks : NEW:AUD, E.T.E.P., EJN (European Jazz Network), AIECF,....


participating in

  • Classical:NEXT 2022
  • Classical:NEXT 2019
  • Classical:NEXT 2018
  • Classical:NEXT 2017
  • Classical:NEXT 2016
  • Classical:NEXT 2015
  • Classical:NEXT 2014
  • Classical:NEXT 2013
  • Classical:NEXT 2012
  • C:N NET
stand number Classical:NEXT 2022: 15, 17, 19-20


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