Mande Symphony

Mande Symphony
  • country:Senegal
  • label:Motéma, Harmonia Mundi, Membran, Ma Case
  • artist submitted by:Weitblick Media LLC


The Mande Symphony is a multimedia performance documentary revealing the legend behind the first kora or West African harp-lute. Visualist Joshue Ott teams up with a chamber ensemble and Senegalese griot, vocalist, kora player and narrator, Ablaye Cissoko on stage with New York-based German trumpeter and multimedia artist, Volker Goetze. Cissoko is from a long line of storytellers or griots and this video shares the story of his forebear whose desire to stop his people suffering leads him to create the kora. Goetze and Cissoko perform regularly as a duo and have toured Europe and the Americas with their compositions that lend an ear to the future and the past. Their latest album was voted best world music release by Public Radio International. Commissioned by the New York State Council on the Arts, this documentary featured on WDR3 in Germany and has broad appeal to classical, new music and film audiences.