Christine Salem

Line up

  • Ary Périgone  (choirs, percussions )
  • Christine Salem (singer, kayanm )
  • David Abrousse  (djembé, dundum, tama)
  • country:
    La Réunion
  • style(s):
    • Maloya
  • label:
    Cobalt / L’Autre distribution
  • instrumentation:
    vocal, percussion
  • artist submitted by:

Accompanied on her favourite instrument, the kayanm, Christine’s potent and indefatigable contralto voice seems to float as she sings mixing with subtlety music from the Indian Ocean with African rhythms with lyrics that she writes herself. Christine Salem is one of the rare feminine voices of maloya with such a strong and charismatic personality.

Tour after tour, in every continent, from Womad to Paleo, from Montreal to Paris, Christine is gathering a stronger and stronger community of true fans, mesmerized by the strong power of her Maloya songs and spirits !

An incredible performer, World class artist.


Christine Salem


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